The former “dumpling king” cold?Once earning $1.5 billion a year, he is now barred from attending annual conferences

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Preface to the Chinese love of food existed since ancient times, Chinese food market gave birth to many famous national diet brands, these brands tend to be grounded and good taste traditional food, attract consumers, form the advantage of sustainable management, for example, the domestic and foreign well-known quanjude roast duck, tianjin goubuli steamed buns, etc., is the most outstanding in the national diet brand.However, with the increasing pace of China’s reform and opening up, more and more “foreign fast food” entered the Chinese food market, posing a threat to Chinese national food brands. At the same time, a large number of foreign investment entered, bringing professional management and international operation advantages, in fact, only caused brand damage and capital control under the “ruthless”.”Big daughter dumplings” used to be a national food brand in the national market. In its heyday, it had 450 stores, 7,000 employees and an annual income of 1.5 billion people. But now, due to the complete collapse of foreign capital operations, the founder of the brand sighed.A plate of dumplings brought amazing wealth, write down the legend of wealth.Founded in 1996, guo-qiang wu changzhou commercial building good food garden, operating main diet is kind of dumpling, the business model is very simple, guo-qiang wu to dumpling stuffing mix together, employ the northeast aunt dumplings, dumplings stuffing is not only tasty but also weight, soon in the local famous, some people, who were just to eat a plate of dumplings guo-qiang wu’s house.Wu Guoqiang saw business opportunities, simply changed the name of the food park to “big daughter dumplings”, in order to make their own shop dumplings more distinctive, Wu Guoqiang ran around the country, follow the master to learn the method of making dumplings stuffing, repeated research, to determine the taste and stuffing in line with public demand.Their guo-qiang wu in the process of business always adhere to the “big daughter dumplings”, adhere to the principle of real materials, stuffing rich famous dumplings recognised by the market rapidly, guo-qiang wu also take this opportunity to open hundreds of stores throughout the country, in 2013 as “a plate of dumplings, 1.5 billion yen,” wrote down some legends, the price of lead in the industry to imitate boom,Become everyone to learn, imitate the benchmark of management.Young daughter dumplings can have many faithful fans, because in the process of business maintained good quality, so want to insist on the principle of sufficient fillings, the real production, let consumers’ trust and dependence on the brand, if you want to eat dumplings must first consider the eldest daughter, dumpling, grandma’s dumplings the trick is to obey the original intention, however,The eldest daughter who overcame the original intention failed in capital operation.After achieving huge market results, Wu guoqiang planned to “step back” and let a professional management team replace the management of the enterprise, which also left an opportunity for European capital to make a strong march. The management team reached an agreement with CVC, the largest fund in Europe, and finally bought 90 shares from Auntie dumplings, wu Guoqiang only had 10 shares left.After the acquisition of the stock, CVC gradually began to wu Guoqiang out of the door, completely changed the original intention of the eldest daughter dumplings business development, in order to improve the interests, began to cut corners, the weight of each dumpling from 20 grams to 17.5 grams, many of the production of this law aunt dumplings loyal customers are very disgusted, have thrown away,In the second year, the sales of her eldest daughter s dumplings were only 80 in 2013.European capital after intervention, the eldest daughter dumpling completely lost the previous market advantage, to see their established business brand step by step towards the end, guo-qiang wu also does not have method, because now only 10 stocks he completely lost his voice, the 2015 enterprise annual meeting, guo-qiang wu also did not go into the gates of the company, are guards stand in the door.Found in older daughter dumplings lost after the earning power of originally, have no feelings for brand CVC will “big daughter dumplings” brand sales to fudge group, after receiving the cash quickly leave, left sleeve steering “ruthless”, in fact, over the years, not only aunt dumplings, CVC also the acquisition of the jiangnan, results of the jiangnan founder zhang LAN panic.Foreign investment in China’s national enterprise and national brand of poisonous clear formed a fixed pattern, they don’t have any feelings toward the brand itself, even if the brand in the end, as long as they don’t have any loss to resell the brand can leave at once, however, the founder of brand and brand has a certain consumer loyalty of customers, this is the end of a sad and sorry.Both the tragic outcome of auntie’s dumplings and wu Guo’s refusal to attend the annual meeting as a boss reflect the western capital’s respect for The Chinese market, Chinese brands and Chinese entrepreneurs. We should be alert to the fact that more national brands will not be destroyed at a time under capital operation.Sum up what you think of this matter, please leave your opinion and have a pleasant conversation with everyone.