The 38-year-old actress was abandoned by her Japanese husband and gave birth to a baby two years ago in a flash marriage. He never visited her during her pregnancy

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!According to Taiwan media on February 16, 38-year-old actress Ouyang Jing confirmed in a post that she and her Japanese husband split up and revealed the reason for their separation.Ouyang Jing has starred in Alice’s Mirror, The Best time and other films and TV dramas, his mother is well-known female artist Tan Aizhen.In 2020, Jing Ouyang married her Japanese husband Ryosuke Kosukan and officially announced her pregnancy.With the outbreak of COVID-19, Ouyang Jing chose to return to Taiwan, China, to wait for the birth, and lived in separate places with her husband.Who ever thought of Ouyang Jing just gave birth to a child, received small suga Liangsuke to break up SMS, was abandoned unilaterally by the other side.This matter also once made ouyang jing himself collapse unceasingly, difficult to accept.Ouyang Jing and Small suga liangsuke break up in fact there are early warning, two people in 2020 at the end of each other to take off each other’s social accounts.Ouyang jing also posted that her husband has never been able to accept the fact that he is going to have a baby. He has not even seen his wife pregnant. He said that he will not visit his wife and children in Taiwan.Kosuga liang suke also therefore on the back of cheating with women’s feelings of the man’s name, was attacked from all walks of life.After a gap of 2 years, Ouyang Jing again issued a document for Xiaosuga Ryosuke explanation, said the other side is not a bad person, just do not know how to use a mature way to face the problem, take responsibility.Then Ouyang Jing said she would educate her son well, not to let him become the same as her husband, with the way to hurt relatives to escape responsibility.Although Ouyang jing seems to be doing well now and is adapting to life as a single mother, her early breakup was not easy.When ouyang Jing talked about her marriage, she once said that she stumbled in love and never felt happy, but if she had not been so stupid, she would not have had her son.During pregnancy, Ouyang Jing also imagined a better life in the future, but also for his son screening in Japan’s school, thinking after the end of the epidemic will be able to reunite with Small suga Ryosuke, live a good life of three.But the development of things is always unexpected, Ouyang Jing finished the production of the message to break up that moment, or can not help crying to the crib, frankly sorry son, can not give him a complete home.Because of this failed marriage, Ouyang Jing also once lost confidence in the feelings, many times publicly said that if the “unmarried infertility group” satisfied with the present life, then we must stick to it not to get married and have children, in the face of outsiders urged marriage also do not reason.Having said that, Ouyang Jing is fond of his children, although very hard but also very happy.Now Ouyang Jing and his mother are raising their children, and everything is developing for the better, and life is becoming more and more fulfilling.Anyway, I still hope ouyang Jing’s future is better and better, and the baby is healthy and growing up.# Ouyang Jing break up #, # transnational marriage #, # break up # author: Yu Qian Chief perm division Responsibility: Cherry Peach This article by cover rice entertainment original, welcome to pay attention to, take you together long knowledge!