Phoenix rises, Diablo 2 rework another artifact, return blue return blood YYDS

2022-06-11 0 By

In diablo double plate making, there are quite a few rune word, attribute are very good, but because of the hit probability to cast skills, greatly reduces the rate of his presence, the phoenix rune word is such a piece of equipment, 400% damage reinforcement, 15 redemption reiki, enemy resistance of 28%, and the advantages of other very much, because a property is destroyed,A 40% probability that is hit to cast level 22 flame storm this not because the flame is a druid skills, but because in the current version of the game, Shared between skills CD case, when the trigger flame storm after skills, our character will have a second time, can’t release any skills,Operate no fluency in the present version of the game, some remote casting professional can choose phoenix shield as shields the location of the equipment, in order to solve the problem of yourself back to the blue in the late game, we need use infinite break the immune mercenaries yoneyama, yoneyama equipment from flashes when we convert into infinite, after a lot of casting professional is the problem of lack of blue,15 redemption reiki at this point it is needed to solve the problems of the blue back, after all, who also don’t want nothing to drugs is not only the phoenix in the rune word version of the game now, in addition to being back to the blue shield to solve the problem, basically do not have other chances, but in the upcoming patch 2.4, cancelled the skill sharing between CD,This requires us to look at this rune word order of the phoenix phoenix rune word substrate is four holes of weapons or the shield, the four hole range of weapons is very large, axe long-handled sword spear nailhead hammer and so on can use crossbow, the phoenix can take part of remorse weapons status phoenix amazon, the phoenix paladin,The phoenix barbarian and other schools can be made, but the phoenix cost 26+26+28+31 is still very expensive, wish everyone every day Joe Bello 2.4 patch update, the Phoenix can rise, or soon, 2.4 patch is expected to finish testing this week, the official release will be later