Juye Tax: The “spring breeze” of tax benefits injects “tax power” into the development of agriculture-related enterprises

2022-06-11 0 By

Spring ploughing such as poetry, picturesque land.The time is the critical period of spring ploughing preparation, Juye County tax bureau closely around the “I do practical things for taxpayers and facilitate the people to do tax spring breeze action”, fully grasp the agricultural time, actively implement the tax preferential policies, for the development of agriculture-related enterprises into a steady stream of “tax power”.In Dong Guantun town high-tech chemical industry park of juye mau agricultural science and technology co., LTD., mainly produces agricultural controlled release fertilizer, can satisfy three crops as well as a variety of rice, wheat, corn, strawberries, blueberries, ginger, garlic and other economic crop nutrient demand, agricultural county revenue special service team to provide enterprises with whom the careful service, develop service plan of “one household and a slip”,Opening the “green channel” for invoice application has improved the handling efficiency, reduced the limitation of tax handling, and helped enterprises to “seize the agricultural time” to engage in production to the greatest extent.Zhong Zimian, general manager of Juye Maoshi Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD., said: “Our company is fully engaged in production under the guidance of the tax department. Up to now, it has produced 6150 tons of agricultural fertilizer. We are confident to prepare enough fertilizer for the market and achieve the expected sales effect.”The juye xin farming plastic products co., LTD is a production of canned plastic polyester bottle, plastic block bottle, recent market demand for agricultural fertilizer, medicine, and other products increased, but the labor costs, raw material and freight price also because the outbreak increases, corporate liquidity pressure surge, the juye revenue by visiting research to understand the situation,Actively carry out “one-to-one” online and offline counseling, provide personalized services of “one enterprise, one account and one list”, and provide tax and fee solutions for the enterprise, so that the enterprise can be clear at a glance and have “number” in mind.The juye xin said Jiang Jibo, manager of the agricultural plastic products co., LTD. Active docking tax personnel, to provide precision ‘a family planning services, our company cuts taxes totalling more than 620000 yuan last year, and the postponement of tax payment of more than 80000 yuan, let us have more energy to research and development and the purchase of new products, let our products have more market competitiveness.”It is understood that the juye revenue in recent years, focusing on the taxpayer JiaoFeiRen distress sorrow to problems, constantly optimize the tax preferential policy precision push mechanism, through ShuiQi contact group, WeChat group, new media channels, such as short video help agricultural enterprise taxpayer JiaoFeiRen quickly understand the tax policy, to ensure preferential tax bonus to enjoy fast, further improve the taxpayer JiaoFeiRen satisfaction,Actively contribute tax power to promote rural revitalization in an all-round way.