What profession does Canadian business contain

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Go to Canada to study abroad more and more friends, but the most fire technology major also need a number of “high-grade, air, high-grade” business, after graduation everyone’s overall goal has locked “four”, “investment banking”, if you have a family enterprise to inherit, do not take an MBA are afraid to say hello to people.What business study business is a big definition, including some actual technical majors, roughly divided into two categories, people more understand is the “responsibility orientation” of marketing, financial industry, financial accounting, human resources and other “traditional business” technical majors;Nowadays, there are also more major “field orientation” of the new business technology major, such as asset management, public golf management methods, plastic arts artist brokers, resort hotel management methods, handicraft management methods, exhibition management, luxury management and other technical majors.Business technology majors offered by Canadian universities mainly include:Business Administration, Accounting, Network Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance,Transportation and Logistics, International Business, Management Information System,Tourism and Hotel Management, among which, such as enterprise management and organizational behavior, operations management,Econometrics (Strategy) and other branches.How should major of business division technology choose to did not establish goal of career development but expect to be in business concerned industry development, can learn traditional type business, if unlock immediately the student obtain employment domain in the future, can choose major of business division technology newly, have purpose ground to learn.However, from the current employment situation of students, traditional business and technical majors are still more dominant, and hybrid professional management talents are more popular.Australian business school fixed number of year and cost business technology professional in Australia and even North America are attributable to high-paying positions, development prospects are very rich, but also need to be more diligent.As we all know, most Canadian universities do not set professional courses in the first year, but take basic courses first, and then study professional courses in the second year after achieving the test scores stipulated by the business research institute.Tuition fees usually range from $20,000 to $40,000. Business fees at better universities are generally above cad $30,000, while mba and EMBA fees are much higher.University of Toronto rotman School of Business, UBC Sauder Institution School of Business, University of Alberta School of Economics, University of Western Ontario Ivey School of Business, York University Schulich School of Business, Queen’s University Ashdenton School of Business, McMaster University De Groot School of Business, McGill UniversityDE somalia’s thayer school of economics, university of Montreal, Toronto high school of the university of Waterloo, mathematical thinking school, than di Simon Fraser university business school, university of Victoria gustavo, a different business technology professional obtain employment direction is different: accounting: accounting firms, audit in consumer behavior:· Financial Industry: Financial institutions, Insurance industry, wealth management and investment companies · Human Resources: Hr Assistant, Recruitment Specialist, Training Specialist · Transportation and Freight Logistics: Logistics distribution Center · Vacation, tourism and Hotel Management Services:Travel agency, hotel restaurant business study abroad personnel should pay attention to business though but it does not mean “low threshold” can being prescribed various comprehensive professional skills in business and administration from six to taking off, the financial sector and financial accounting with a variety of life has been doomed to the screwing, cfa, CSC, ca, CGA, cma, write less a zero,I need to recalculate until dawn…Actuarial major also belongs to business, but the requirements for mathematical thinking ability are very high, and the course content is ten times more difficult.Investment banks, securities companies, stock funds, financial institutions, in addition to the business professional knowledge and professional ability of applicants are very serious, usually have high requirements on computer or mathematical thinking level, interpersonal skills, in the case of school learning should pay attention to the building of this ability.Different business students must have different career strategies.After seeing university undergraduate or master graduate student overseas, return to apply for a job because of the lack of work experience, competitiveness is not very strong, so in the university professional, salary treatment can not be too high.Accumulate work experience before moving on to a high-paying career.For those who have diplomas and work experience, it is not a problem to find a job, but the salary is a big obstacle to apply for a job.This kind of students do not want to be greedy for perfection, why not hesitate to master more, according to the headhunting company to cast a wide net to catch fish, excellent people make the best of their talents.To learn more