Temporary mom and 37 kids

2022-06-08 0 By

In early March, 37 “junior high school children” from rural middle schools came to the isolation point where liu Hongliang, a community doctor, lives in Changyi district, Jilin City.For more than half a month, Liu hongliang and her two colleagues have been juggling the roles of doctor and mother.”This is 84 disinfect piece, must not eat by accident!”They were doctors when they told their children to take medicine;”When boiling hot water, don’t burn your hands!””Kids, don’t take a shower these days. Be careful of catching a cold.” Most of the time, they are mothers.At the morning table, “Mama” brought the children birthday noodles and delicious snacks;Under the starry sky at night, “mother” solves the children’s restlessness and restlessness…Inside the isolation point, this scene is played out every day.[Photo by Han Junhong/Jilin Daily] Source: China Daily