Gillian waved goodbye to her ex-husband Lai Hongguo!Say satisfied single life, a word of advice is all sad

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Ajiao mentioned lai Hongguo said, “Lai Hongguo he will change, I believe he will change.”Having experienced a five-year love affair with Edison Chen, as well as a broken relationship with a Korean man, Gjiao met Lai Hongguo under the introduction of a friend, the man known as “Wang Yangming in the medical field”.At that time lai Hongguo almost exhausted all to pursue A Jiao, even to the point of borrowing money.Gillian soon falls in love with Lai Hongguo and the two marry soon after, but everything changes after that.To be exact, Gillian met Lai Hongguo, a singer and actress in the girl singing group Twins, at a blind date party.At that time, Whether in income or in assets are far better than the doctor lai Hongguo career.When working in Taipei, Ajiao should friends to introduce their boyfriend about, thinking that even if not suitable by the way can also know a friend, but eat this meal undoubtedly changed the direction of Ajiao’s life, because Ajiao’s friend introduced her to Wang Yangming.The Wang Yangming long or appearance of talent, A Jiao lai Hongguo’s first impression is also very good, think the man in front of the appearance of clean, elegant speech.The first two people who felt good left contact information for each other.It is because of Ajiao lai Hongguo has a good feeling, in the pursuit of Ajiao Lai Hongguo, Ajiao also homeopathy gave him the opportunity.Lai Hongguo income as a doctor and Ajiao disparity, but in order to hold beauty in the future, Lai Hongguo spent several years of savings to buy and ajiao matching gift, even at the heart of money to capture ajiao’s heart.In The eyes of A Jiao, the man is too crazy for their own, they are meticulous.Lai Hongguo will put ajiao as a little princess to coax, will care for her every possible way.Gjiao eventually fell in love without turning back, two people from friends to become a lover’s relationship.When the beginning of love is the most sweet time, A Jiao in the future also said this period of time is their most happy time.Even if Lai Hongguo gave this as a child “under the care of people” a jiao a lot of warmth and love, A Jiao also produced dependence on Lai Hongguo, but A Jiao did not want to get married in the past, because she had been hurt not completely healed.Ajiao because Lai Hongguo’s parents felt married to him, Ajiao’s father died when Ajiao was young, mother went out to make a living had to foster her in relatives’ home.In relatives, A Jiao was not happy, will be beaten by bullying.Ajiao has been eager to have a happy family to see a lai Hongguo after a yearning, Lai Hongguo’s parents are top students, the family get along well, be humble and polite, which makes Ajiao have a new view of marriage.After lai Hongguo accompany Ajiao to complete her life list of “parachuting”, the fear of heights of Lai Hongguo accompany Ajiao to jump from thousands of feet in the air, so the courage to move Ajiao.In this opportunity, Gillian after the end of the skydiving lovingly said to Lai Hongguo “let’s get married.””You are the most beautiful, the kindest, the bravest and the most interesting person I have ever met. I hope I can be there to take care of you all my life.”In 2018, Gjiao, 37, and Lai Hongguo held a 38-table banquet in Tsim Sha Tsui.Two people should media request sweet kiss three big show conjugal love, A Jiao smile: “my surname lai, can be used at any time.”Ajiao and Lai Hongguo began a short marriage life, this marriage, Ajiao’s mother-in-law is still very good to daughter-in-law, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is also very harmonious.Mother-in-law and Lai Hongguo together to see a Jiao concert, father-in-law is also very satisfied with the daughter-in-law.But the marital crisis came.After all, as time passes, the three views of the two people are inconsistent, and the first performance is actually the concept of consumption.Gjiao think their hard money should be good consumption, so she will buy some designer bags to reward themselves, but when she bought these luxury goods and even for Lai Hongguo to buy clothes will cause Lai Hongguo dissatisfaction, so That Gjiao also need to see Lai Hongguo eyes.Over time, the two began to quarrel.Don’t love quarrel gjiao lai Hongguo mistakenly thought “cold violence”, Lai Hongguo “tit for tat” ignore Gjiao.Finally, Ajiao compromise to apologize for mistakes, and strive to correct their consumption concept.Blindly compromise is not the way, Lai Hongguo instead intensified, still to Ajiao temper.And Lai Hongguo every temper will let Ajiao feel this partner unreasonable, and even think this is challenging their bottom line.Every quarrel is some trivial things, but this is a small thing, a quarrel led to the relationship between two people to break, which also let Ajiao decided to leave Lai Hongguo.After 14 months of marriage, the marriage was annulled by divorce papers.Then lai hongguo was revealed to have proposed to his girlfriend Alice during this year’s Spring Festival.It did not take long to break the good news when dad, and the due date is on August 17, in contrast, A Jiao is focused on work, has not been new love, the show was asked about feelings, also do not shy away from sharing.Gillian recently in the show “Hot Mom College” rarely free to talk about feelings, was also asked about the conditions of a spouse, she said: “responsible, not petty, trivial those I can not accept.”Her father died when she was one year old, and her mother’s feelings are also very alienated, so that Gillian has been eager to have a complete family, although divorced, Gillian said no despair of marriage, at the same time, female audience do not rely too much on men, for the current single life, she thought she had wonderful is also very satisfied.After divorce with Lai Hongguo, Ajiao had shared the reason that was willing to marry, because lai Hongguo is complete and sweet family let her fall in love with each other.Recently on the program interview, talking about the other half of the family background requirements, Gillian still insists that the hope of each other to have a complete family, “I am from a single-parent family, very well understand the feeling of no father, I definitely want him to have a complete family, but also hope my children can have more love.”A Jiao’s first half of life has been on their own, when the tragic can only rely on their own.It is not easy to have an umbrella, met a worthy of going down lai Hongguo, think Lai Hongguo and her together to hold up the umbrella, did not expect to finally become an umbrella person.Love this matter who can say when the best?The most suitable for their most important bar!