2-0!Real Madrid were dealt a blow after a la Liga side burst into action with 57 percent possession + 16 shots, a 25-year record

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Sevilla beat Elche 2-0 and took all three points in the 24th round of la Liga.Sevilla burst into action in the second half, scoring 2 goals in 5 minutes and beating Elche to defend the home side.Bad news for Ancelotti and Real Madrid, the Spanish giants are under pressure.This round of the game, Sevilla won the key victory, and Real Madrid is sorry to overturn the car, making la Liga title to maintain suspense.At the top of the table, With Sevilla on 50 points and Lopetegui closing in on his former club, only four points behind Real Madrid, the La Liga rivals are desperate for a miracle.Sevilla took on Elche in terms of price, and Lopetegui fielded a 276 million euro squad.This service, Rakitiqi led the war, Martial also started.Elche, on the other hand, started for 19.2 million euros.History shows sevilla are unbeaten at home since 1997.In the past three games, Sevilla have all drawn, fully lost six points, this round of La Liga, Lopetegui does not want to overturn the car, facing Elche, la Liga strong team to fight for victory.In the first half, neither team scored and the score remained 0-0.It was only in the 70th minute of the second half that Sevilla broke the deadlock when Alejandro Gomez scored to give the Spanish giants a 1-0 lead.In the 75th minute, Sevilla went on to make it 2-0 with an assist from Martial and a header from Rafamile inside the penalty area.In just five minutes, Sevilla went on a rampage to seal the victory.In the end, the La Liga powerhouse beat Elche by 2 goals at home.Sevilla held 57 percent of possession to 43 percent for a 16-7 shooting ratio as the Spanish giants won the match.In the post-match rating, Alejandro scored the highest 7.9, while Martial scored 7.3.On his home debut in La Liga, Martial scored an assist, a good start for sevilla as a new signing.After the game, Sevilla set a 25-year record, during which they were unbeaten at home against Elche.A 2-0 victory also allowed Lopetegui to reach the milestone of 100 games in La Liga.Experienced after 3 successive draws, Sevilla state picks up, finally ends the embarrassment that cannot win.With Sevilla chasing leaders Real Madrid at the top of the La Liga table, Lopez Lopetegui is challenging for the title.