Beijing plans to renovate and upgrade 354 scattered plots of back streets and alleys to build small and micro green Spaces this year

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China News Network Beijing, March 30(Xu Jing) This year, Beijing plans to complete 354 environmental refinement and improvement tasks of back streets and alleys.At the same time, the vacated and scattered plots of land will be used to promote the greening of the white space, and the construction of small and micro green Spaces, pocket parks, darning breakfast, vegetable farms, maintenance and other convenient service outlets.Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management, The Capital Civilization Office and the Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources jointly held a promotion conference on the improvement of the environment of back streets and alleys and the deepening of civilization construction in 2022 on Wednesday.In 2021, Beijing will complete the environmental refinement and improvement work of 1,396 back streets and alleys, among which 200 fine streets and alleys built by Cheng6 district and Tongzhou District have been included in the annual municipal government’s important livelihood matters.Beijing back streets environmental control combined with block update, classified implementation of upgrading, pilot to promote six demonstration area environment comprehensive improvement, continue to improve public environment, have sprung up fresh hutong, harrier son hutong, yongshun pages, wangjing side street, five tower temple, a group of civilized streets and Beijing is the most beautiful streets in the capital, the regional environmental features improved as a whole.According to the survey of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the overall satisfaction of the public on the improvement of the environment of back streets and alleys was 95.6%, up 3.3 percentage points from the previous year.Among them, in the improvement of the surrounding environment of the old site of the Red Revolution, the core area around the Red Building of Peking University, Li Dazhao’s former residence, the old site of The Beijing Teachers’ Normal School, the Old site of the Beijing News, etc., promote the improvement of the environment of 47 back streets and alleyways in a row, to achieve the coordination and unification of the revolutionary old site buildings and surrounding environment style;Fengtai District around changxindian-7th Memorial Hall, France work-study preparatory class and other red Revolution sites to carry out environmental governance, improve regional environmental quality;Around the central area of the Olympic Park, Chaoyang District promotes the environmental governance of back streets and alleys in the area, and creates the Olympic culture and atmosphere by combining the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics.In Haidian District, the environment of Wutasi Road will be comprehensively improved around the Capital Stadium to realize the integration of water, road and green network, and build a green space integrating ice and snow culture, canal culture and religious culture.Shijingshan District around shougang North factory area, part of the Jinding Street and Guangning Winter Olympics community to carry out environmental remediation and upgrading, to create a suitable environment for the Winter Olympics community;Yanqing District will upgrade the quality of 10 back streets and alleys surrounding the Winter Olympics sites, carrying out cultural promotion and functional renovation.In 2022, Beijing plans to improve the environment of 354 back streets and alleys that meet the standards and are under strict control.A total of 2,932 back streets and alleys that have been renovated and upgraded have been put under fine and long-term management.Daily management and maintenance of 1,037 back streets and alleys to keep them clean, tidy and orderly.Beijing will block as a unit, the implementation of 17 for comprehensive environmental governance, through the integration of all kinds of space resources, strengthen urban repair and strengthen the floor underground, inside and outside the red line, the important node of integrated management, strengthening the integration and intensive set facilities, a whole join city renewal and reconstruction, realize area from line to plane, from inside to outside the overall updates.In the process of refinement and improvement of back streets and alleys, attention will be paid to features, economy, convenience, environmental protection and durability, and the coordinated development of urban landscape will be realized through sustained and drively-moistening governance.We will give full play to the role of responsible planners, pay attention to the continuity of style, improve people’s livelihood, safety and environmental protection, and rationally benefit the old. We will strictly implement the standards for functional construction, adhere to strict economy, strictly implement the standards for functional construction, control construction costs, and strengthen the application of old materials and techniques.At the same time, we will make good use of market forces to leverage input from private resources and promote high-quality and sustainable development of comprehensive environmental management.Beijing has always taken solving the problems around citizens as an important standard to test the refinement and improvement of back streets and alleys.This year, we will deepen the integration of “hotline + grid” and focus on environmental problems such as environmental sanitation, disorderly construction of private buildings and environmental order reported by the 12345 citizen hotline. We will actively do a good job in facilities darning, order management, garbage sorting and implementation of responsibility areas in front of doors.Beijing will strengthen standardized management and life-cycle control of road public service facilities to eliminate potential safety hazards and purify the urban space.We will strictly implement the system of responsible persons for garbage classification management, accurately picture non-garbage classification behaviors, and educate and guide residents to fulfill their obligations of garbage classification and disposal in accordance with the law.At the same time, focus on functional optimization, use vacated and scattered plots to promote the greening of the white space, and build small and micro green space, pocket park, darning breakfast, vegetable market, maintenance and other convenient service outlets.In order to maintain and consolidate the improvement of good back streets and alleys, municipal departments will strengthen industry guidance and clear standards this year.As the main body of responsibility for the daily environmental management of back streets and alleys, all district governments rely on the grid urban management platform and video monitoring system to establish and improve the mechanism for discovering and coordinating the disposal of environmental problems in back streets and alleys, and promote the extension of dealing with environmental problems immediately after receiving complaints to dealing with them before they are filed.At the same time, the city intensified comprehensive law enforcement efforts, urged the implementation of the “three guarantees in front of the door” responsibility system, and strengthened regular inspection and rectification.Under the leadership of the street leader, the team of grid workers, coordinators and community workers should be integrated to do a good job in the management of streets and lanes in a “group style”.Learned, fine environmental control in the back streets of ascension work this year will create work and civilized city, elected by a group of “capital civilization streets” merchants “capital of civilization”, “excellent long street”, “excellent alley housekeeping” outstanding grid “” outstanding responsibility planner” “good design unit”, “excellent construction units” to strengthen the demonstrative leading,And carry out “Beijing’s most beautiful streets and lanes” selection, to create a good atmosphere of “streets and lanes are my home, the environment depends on everyone”.Source: