The world: Hao Dongmei recognize Zhou Bingyi, turn around into the arms of mysterious rich businessman, give birth to twins

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There are several men can accept a everything an edge on his wife, ping-i Chou looks warm and letters, but underneath is a reader’s lofty, and he has been pressing the male chauvinism, in the face of dong-mei hao, he is stressed, the vast difference between the family is unable to straight up ping-i Chou spines.After hao governor commanding the dialogue again and again, are ping-i Chou very not easy to build armor breaks, the person is in constant inferiority will produce against the heart, in front of the governor of hao treated, all let ping-i Chou in another way to return dong-mei hao’s body, the change of the ping-i Chou, as his pillow, dong-mei hao was the first to find.Dong-mei hao also difficult situation, she moves between the husband and his parents, efforts to ease tensions on both sides, also lead to tension and parents, but instead, she obviously feel ping-i Chou’s cold now, but dong-mei hao is helpless, she also very grievance, but who make allowance for her difficulty, whether his father or ping-i Chou,You just take it out on yourself.Back home again, until the family party, ping-i Chou once again opened his cold violence model, dong-mei hao thoroughly realize the ping-i Chou, no longer have any expectation to him, two people each other eventually arrived but the power company for many years, dong-mei hao see why ping-i Chou has repeatedly this attitude, but is his male chauvinism,Can’t accept his in-laws not thinking about him.Finally Hao Dongmei directly or Zhou Bingyi divorce, personally cut off this marriage without feelings, turned around into the arms of the mysterious rich businessman introduced by his father.Dong-mei hao no longer resist, sometimes in their don’t know what to make when the choice, the choice of parents may be in the first place, start dong-mei hao and parents relationship together, and can not have a baby before dong-mei hao had twins, even so that these ping-i Chou shocked at the same time also the israelis, he thought dong-mei hao so refuse.Thought Hao Dongmei has been in a mood, did not think of Hao Dongmei actually to really, just left himself to find a good next, this had to let Zhou Bingyi wishful thinking, is not the divorce is Hao Dongmei premeditated for a long time, or not so fast on the second spring, this makes Zhou Bingyi more angry!If you have any unique insights, please leave a comment in the comments section. Xiaobian will talk about analysis with you!This article is the author’s original, unauthorized plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!