“Aloes like Dust” has not been broadcast, Yang Zi will be a new series?The two actors are a brand new combination

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“The home has children” medium small snow as if still yesterday, Yang Zi has become 90 hind actress however in the existence of one of the two.I don’t know when to start, Yang Zi has become a hot drama security.Perhaps in “dear, love”, she played a lively soft MOE girl song Ji Tong nian, people can not help but like;Perhaps it is in “Sweet Honey” that Kim mi, who is naturally naive, deeply poked the hearts of the audience.Perhaps even earlier, as early as in “Qingyun Zhi” “Ode to Joy” “Zhan Changsha”, there will be the audience get this “treasure actor”.Although Yang Zi also experienced a period of lack of resources, she is now a reinvented hot actress.City therapy drama “Female Psychologist” perfect closing, “Aloes like Dust” and “The Rest of my life” is also booked early blockbuster seats.Even when she works with a popular actor, her shine is not captured and she has become a big motivation for netizens to follow the drama.It is not yet known when Agilwood and The Rest of My Life will premiere, but Xiao Zhan has already starred in Jade Bone Yao and The Sea in My Dream, and Cheng Yi, agilwood and the Rest of my Life, is in talks for a new series.Under such circumstances, Yang Zi was not idle.Legend “long love” will be film and television, female set Yang Zi at the beginning – “long love” original work from Tong Hua’s hand, is also “step by step” “Pocahontas” “the most beautiful time” of the original author.Everlasting Love is a novel written by Tong Hua, based on The Classic of Mountains and Seas.Female xiao Yao is the wilderness of gao Xin King Ji Jiuyao, after one hundred years of suffering, lost identity, appearance, become “nowhere to go, no one can depend on, unable to protect themselves” coco xiao six.She settled in the town of clear water, with cousin Xuanyuan Zhuanxu, Tu Shan family childe Tu Shan Jing, Shennong militia general phase Liu staged a period of enmity.The book contains not only the unforgettable love, but also the pattern of family, country and the world and the responsibility of each other. It can be called a stirring love song, hence the name of “Everlasting Love”.At present, “Sauvignon Blanc” has officially launched.From the poster, li Liming and Tang Panjing are the chief producers.Xiao Sha, Yang Xiaoxin as the producer;The shooting location is Hengdian and Xiangyang, the shooting period is tentatively set at 180 days, and the shooting is expected to start in March.Currently, the female lead of the play is tentatively named Yang Zi.To Yang Zi’s acting, the interpretation of Xiao Yao is no doubt, before she had a rich experience in the fairy drama, this time “Sauvignon Blanc” she must not be difficult to fall.It has also been revealed that the cast of the two male actors, both younger than Yang zi, is a brand new group — one of them is the now hot Zhang Wanyi.Zhang Wanyi looks handsome, but not “flow” actor.Although he made his debut in 2016, he has appeared in many movies and TV series.But it was Chen yannian in “Age of Awakening” who really made an impression.Zhang later gained popularity by playing the top two in The Children of Joe and Liang Yida in The Coolest World.If he joins The cast of Sauvignon Blanc, he will be a great attraction of the show.Another actor from “Sauvignon Blanc” is no stranger.None other than the actor Wang Anyu, known in the circle as “excellent student”.Wang Anyu, who also debuted in 2016, is more popular than Zhang wanyi.He has acted in many idol dramas such as no More than 20 Years old, The Princess and Dream Back, taking a completely different interpretation route from Zhang Wanyi.This time, it is also a kind of fate.It is worth saying that both Zhang Wanyi and Wang Anyu are younger than Yang Zi, Yang Zi this large probability to stage a “sister and younger love”.Yang Zi, Wang Anyu, Zhang Wanyi’s combination is also a brand new combination, let a person sigh: watch.At present, the play is not disclosed much, but to the main creative staff and starring, is undoubtedly a good work.With Yang zi in charge, fans can expect as much as they like.