From one life to the next, 6 male stars with clean love history, some and the original partner together for 47 years, some dink

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There are many male stars in the entertainment industry who have married for the second or even third time. For example, 54-year-old Hou Yong has married his third wife, who is more than 20 years younger.However, there are also some male stars who have a very clean love history and live a low-key and happy marriage.Huang Bo, 47, is known in the entertainment industry as “emotionally intelligent actor” and “Billionaire actor”. His talent and personality far outweigh his plain looks and have captured the hearts of many female stars in the entertainment industry.For example, Lin Zhiling has said that Huang Bo is her “soul mate” and has publicly expressed her love for him many times.Chen also said that he wants handsome partners, but it doesn’t matter if the partner is as talented as Huang bo, who can outshine him in everything.Huang Bo, who has achieved success in the entertainment industry and is loved by female stars, is very loyal to his wife, Xiao Ou.It is reported that Huang bo met his wife Xiao Ou before he became the best Actor. They have been together for 13 years. They got married in 2007 and have been married for 14 years now.After marriage, Huang bo was very protective of his wife and daughter. Since his wife likes traveling, he took her to different countries and obtained marriage certificates from several countries.Ge You and Huang Bo have a lot in common. Although they are not good-looking, they are very powerful and talented. Both of them are late bloomers, and they are always the “wife of the dross”.Ge You and his wife, He Cong, had been married for 34 years and kept a low profile until 2018, when the media revealed his appearance. The world was surprised to learn that his wife, who had been favored by the Best Actor for more than 30 years, was an ordinary woman in pajamas with untidy hair. Moreover, they had never had children in their marriage for many years.With so many beautiful women in the entertainment industry and billions of dollars in his pocket, Ge You was even asked if he had any thoughts of changing his wife.Ge You immediately answer, he dare not have such an idea, his home that but a “jealous.”Ge You’s tone is full of spoil.Ge You was asked if he had ever met a woman better than his wife.Ge you answer, certainly have, but he cong is not famous when they share their joys and sorrows, he can not do that kind of thing.Tony Leung, 64, has won four Best Actor Awards and is widely recognized in Both Hong Kong and the mainland for his acting skills.Leung Ka-fai, who is famous for his acting career, and Ge You, also have an ordinary wife who is not outstanding in appearance.When Tony Leung ka-fai won the best actor, because of some reasons once reduced to “no drama to shoot”, can only be set up on the street.That’s when Jiang met Leung ka-fai and accompanied him through the most difficult years.Later, Leung ka-fai returned to the film career also developed better and better, there is no lack of around Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin such beauty, or is 20 or 30 years old young female artists, and Jiang Jiannian over 50 years old after the body fat serious.But Tony Leung loved Chiang Chia-nien very much. He not only took the initiative to take Chiang Chia-nien to film, but also hugged his wife during festivals. After 34 years of marriage, the couple still looked very close.It is said that when Tony Leung ka-fai is not filming, he lives at home with his wife.Chiang ka-nian gave birth to two lovely daughters for Leung ka-fai, and now the family of four lives a very sweet life.Four, Feng Yongzheng Feng Yongzheng played “An Jiahe” is a lot of audience mind “horrible husband” on behalf of, but in fact privately Feng Yongzheng is a “full mark husband”.Feng Yongzheng and his wife Liang Danni’s marriage is not optimistic at the beginning, one is because Liang Danni than Feng Yongzheng fully 8 years old, two because Liang Danni is the second marriage.Feng Yongzheng knew Liang Danni, Liang Danni is not divorced, then wait until Liang Danni divorced, he was bold to pursue Liang Danni.According to legend, liang Danni does not agree at the beginning, feel Feng Yongzheng in pity, but can not bear feng Yongzheng infatuation, finally Liang Danni agreed to and Feng Yongzheng together, they have been married 29 years.Although it is sister younger brother love, but Feng Yongzheng big 8 years old Liang Danni pet became “princess”.Two people married to have no children, Feng Yongzheng put all the care on his wife.Because Liang Danni can’t cook, and often do not eat on time, Feng Yongzheng will remember to remind his wife to have dinner when he is out shooting, and even call his friends to ask his wife to have dinner.Liang Danni almost did not work after marriage, 66 years old she and 58 years old Feng Yongzheng frame, looks better than Feng Yongzheng state, from the smile on her face can be seen that her life is very happy.Chen Baoguo is recognized as a powerful artist in mainland China. He has been acting for 41 years and left classic works such as “Big House” and “The Emperor of Han Wu” for the audience.Whether it is acting career or private love life, Chen Baoguo’s reputation is very good.Chen was once asked on the show whether he was emotionally intelligent with women.Chen baoguo thought for a moment and said proudly that his wife was his first wife and that he and her had known each other since childhood.To be with someone for 47 years, from the age of school uniform to the age of “grey hair”, is indeed something to be proud of.It is reported that Chen baoguo and his wife Zhao Kuie fell in love while studying and married eight years later.Cho gyu-ah was also an excellent entertainer, but after marriage, she gave up her career and took care of her family and son.Chen baoguo once thanked his wife publicly when he got the title, and said that his wife was a very good actress, and if she acted, she would not be worse than him.Six, when Pu Cunxin meets his wife Wanping, she is not only an excellent dancer, but also a very high position, and her career develops better than Pu Cunxin’s.But after two people get married, Wan Ping gave up his career, willing to do behind Pu Cunxin silent unknown woman.On the contrary, Pu cunxin’s career developed better and better after marriage, earning him the nickname of “mistress killer” and “lover of the public”.The outside world began to say that it was Wan Ping who had a good eye for Pu Cunxin, a “potential stock”.Pu Cunxin took Wan Ping out to buy vegetables. An old lady told Wan ping, “You’ve got it.”But to his wife’s pay silently in mind Pu Cunxin immediately refuted, is he caught.In the face of all kinds of temptations in the entertainment industry, Pu Cunxin believes that these temptations are certainly there, but just like a cold, must be treated.Staunch pu Cunxin and his wife have been married for 44 years, but they are still in love.The entertainment industry is indeed a place full of temptations, especially for male stars who have gone from rags to success. Their commitment and devotion to their original partners depend on their own hearts.