Before the beginning of the semester, students in Henan and Henan were organized to take nucleic acid tests

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Xinxiang xinxiang COVID – education system and epidemic prevention and control program office about to do a good job of 2022 spring semester epidemic prevention and control of notice according to the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters “notification on strengthening post-holiday epidemic prevention and control work” (yu epidemic prevention office meiden [2022] no. 28) and the henan province COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters office special education system work teamIn accordance with the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Our city, we hereby notify the following matters concerning epidemic prevention and control in the spring semester of 2022:All schools should specify the time when staff from all posts should return to school, and personnel from epidemic prevention and control departments should go to work in advance, organize combat drills for emergency response before the new semester starts, and enhance risk prevention and mitigation capabilities.We will further implement the Technical Plan for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Institutions of Higher Learning, Primary and Secondary Schools, and Childcare institutions and the “Nine measures in place” to ensure that all localities, departments, schools, and individuals take responsibility for the start of the spring semester in an orderly manner.Second, precise MoPai information science organization personnel between teachers and students back to school the school from now on to all the teachers and students and staff health monitoring and whereabouts, master in history, 14 days before the opening track and health status, focus on it, high-risk areas back to school teachers and students and history of reported cases of local cities in the teachers and students, logistics services, such as groups, “one man, a” monitoring parameter is established.According to the requirements of “wrong area, wrong level, wrong time, wrong peak”, the batch and time interval of teachers and students returning to school shall be reasonably determined.When returning to school, all teachers, students and staff must have nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours, health code and travel card (see attachment), electronic version or paper version. Nucleic acid test costs shall be borne by themselves.Strict management of the epidemic situation on campus All schools should carefully assess the epidemic situation, adhere to the principle of “one local policy, one school case”, and formulate the plan for the opening of the school.Before the start of the semester, a comprehensive cleaning and elimination of the campus, the school epidemic prevention and control, campus safety and preparation for the start of a comprehensive investigation.Schools whose epidemic prevention and control conditions fail to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, which fail to meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control technical plans, which fail to improve emergency plans and conduct emergency drills, which fail to reserve epidemic prevention materials in place, and which fail to guarantee campus safety shall not be allowed to reopen.After the opening of the school, to continue to implement closed campus management, strict control of the school gate, irrelevant personnel, vehicles are not allowed to enter the school;Regular nucleic acid testing for housekeeping, security guards, canteens and other logistics service personnel;To strengthen the campus small grid management, refine the grid unit;Regularly clean and eliminate high frequency contact parts in key places and public areas such as classrooms, dormitories and canteens.Large-scale offline activities will not be held unless necessary. If necessary, the scale, number and duration of activities will be strictly controlled and approved by local special epidemic prevention and control education classes and epidemic prevention and control departments.1. In order to ensure the safe, orderly and nearby nucleic acid testing for students in Zhuhai, the city has specially opened a green channel for nucleic acid testing for students and set up temporary sampling sites. The specific sampling sites shall be subject to the announcement of the Municipal Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control.This nucleic acid test will be conducted from February 14th to 15th. The morning of February 14th is the test time for teachers and staff of junior high school.The afternoon of February 14th is the testing time for teachers and staff of high school.February 15th is the testing time for teachers, students and staff of primary schools.Schools should inform students to take nucleic acid tests as soon as possible to avoid mass gatherings.2. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, each county (city) and district education and Sports bureau shall, under the guidance of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, conduct nucleic acid testing for students in the principle of avoiding gathering, safety and convenience.3. All counties (cities), district education and Sports bureaux and schools under the bureau should make use of new media platforms and various publicity channels to increase the positive publicity of nucleic acid testing for students, do a good job in communicating and informing, and ensure the understanding and support of students’ parents.Risk assessment should be carried out well in advance, public opinion monitoring should be strengthened, and negative public opinion in education should be prevented due to nucleic acid testing.4. Please make an appointment for nucleic acid test at Fangxin Office one day in advance.Pay attention to wear a mask during the test, and do a good job of personal protection;Don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19 within 48 hours, and don’t drink or eat anything within 30 minutes;After 12-24 hours of nucleic acid test sampling, query the results on the fangxinban public account.5. Appointment process for nucleic acid test release