Railways help transport grain

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As winter passes and spring comes, railway freight yards in Changchun, Jilin and Baicheng, the main grain producing areas in northeast China, are busy.China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has taken various measures to ensure that grain from northeast China is transported unimpeded to all parts of the south, and that the delivery time is guaranteed to meet the demand for grain transportation with high quality and efficiency.Railway departments to carry grain trains “addition”, upgrade transport capacity “hardware” smooth grain transport channels.China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. accurately matches its transport capacity with grain transport demand, and organizes inbound direct trains from Kaihong Zhenlai and Xinjiu stations to Chengdu Bureau and Kunming Bureau Group Co., Ltd. to ensure delivery time and meet grain transport demand with high quality and efficiency.Since November last year, an average of 1,521 vehicles of grain have been loaded into the Customs, an increase of 970 vehicles year-on-year, hitting a new high in recent years.It is reported that since this year, Shenyang Bureau Group company has accumulated shipments of grain 5.99 million tons, an increase of 2.96 million tons, an increase of 97.5%.It can be seen from the data that the railway department answered the “grain transport test paper” results pleasing, as the backbone of grain transport live up to expectations.Railway departments “open a good way” to open transport nodes, grain transport efficiency “shift speed”.The crossing is of vital importance to the smooth transportation of grain into the customs. Railway departments have organized large traffic flows in and out of shanhaiguan and Longhua crossings to speed up transportation, effectively clearing the obstruction at the nodes of transportation channels and creating conditions for grain transportation.Grain transport by railway plays a vanguard role and makes important contributions to food security and stability.In December last year, the number of vehicles handled by Shanhaiguan station in a single day and the number of outbound and outbound trains reached 20,612 and 197, respectively, hitting a new record high.”Brothers concentric, its sharp cut through gold”, the railway department uses iron combined transport “assassin’s mace”.As for the combined transportation of iron and water, jilin and Changchun have organized the operation of a whole round train of containers and bulk grain trucks to dalian, Yingkou and other ports, so as to achieve seamless connection with ports and liner routes, further reducing the transportation time and transportation costs of shippers, and bringing real benefits to shippers.By pressing the “fast forward button” for grain transportation, we can see that the railway sector, while giving full play to its own advantages, “unites all forces that can be united”, always puts people’s livelihood in the first place and goes all out to fulfill its original mission.Food is the life of the people.In response to people’s concerns, railway authorities have taken various measures and taken a multi-pronged approach to ensure the smooth delivery of grain and firmly protect the people’s “rice bags”.Railway departments focus on improving transport supply and guarantee capacity of the “tieziziang” signboard, will continue to “guarantee the needs of the people” as the string, played the “people’s railway for the people” the strongest voice of The Times.Liu Chang declaration: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com