China Unicom recharge card recycling

2022-05-18 0 By

Is it true that we have not used “Unicom recharge card” for a long time?As pay treasure, tao treasure and so on the platform all have the function of charging phone fees, there have been quite a lot of groups have not used for a long time “Unicom charging card”.There are a small number of people through the business to do promotional activities, obtained the “Unicom recharge card”, after all, can also be used for phone recharge, just a little time, so it will take to recharge their phone charges.But some people face a dilemma, because the “Unicom recharge card” recharge operator is limited to unicom itself, so it will cause other operators can not recharge the situation.In fact, to solve the limitation is very simple, we can recycle the way, the “Unicom recharge card” first recycling, recycling will get a corresponding amount of recycling, although the user is a phone charge, or shopping.
Formal platform for the recycling process in fact, the first after entering recycling page, click on the select phone CARDS, and CARDS “unicom prepaid phone card” choice, the face value will change the face value of the according to oneself choose for numerical, input the card number and card, as well as your payment account and name, click confirm to submit cash “unicom prepaid phone CARDS can be successful.Then you have to wait patiently, usually only a few minutes before you receive your money.The whole recycling process is still very simple. In fact, the recycling market now supports the recycling of many card coupons, and they can be exchanged for recycling whether it is a small face value as low as 1 yuan or a large amount as high as several thousand yuan.