Basic functions and characteristics of dry and wet tank

2022-05-18 0 By

1 feeder can feed 40 100 kg finishing pigs.(2) Wet mix design increased feed intake by more than 20%.At least 7 days in advance.The stainless steel bottom tank and dosage device are easy to clean and disassemble.Unique feeding mode, nursery pigs, fattening pigs with one machine, reduce feed waste.⑸ unique double cover design, with add medicine mouth, effectively prevent pollution and feed stealing.(1) A feeder can be used for 30-50 finishing pigs, with double-sided structure, and a feeder can be used for 2 pigpens.(2) Easy installation, low barrel height, convenient to add feed, cover can prevent dust, mice, flies.Ensure feed quality.(3) Wet mix design, increase pig feed intake by more than 20%, feed enough, about 7 days in advance.(4) Multiple gears can be adjusted under the amount of material, convenient management.Better effect with automatic feeding system.