An erdos primary school teacher served as a technical officer for the Beijing Winter And Paralympic Games

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games will be grandly opened in Beijing on February 4th, 2022.Mr. Su Bin, from The Second Primary School of Shulinzhao Town, Dalat Qi, Ordos city, was recommended and selected by The Inner Mongolia Winter Sports Management Center. He participated in the sixth Biathlon Domestic technical Officer Training (NTO training) held by The Beijing Organizing Committee of Winter Olympic Games, and finally passed the assessment of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Beijing organizing Committee of 2022.He will be the biathlon route controller for the 2022 Beijing Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games.2 Su Bin, started to work in September 2019.Since joining the work, he has been working in the front line of physical education and actively participated in the training and learning of all kinds of referees at all levels, and obtained the qualification of national first-class referee in biathlon.Served as the line controller of pulley and pulley + shooting competition in the 14th National Winter Games;National Biathlon Championship range recorder;Shooting range recorder of Inner Mongolia “Sports Cup” youth Biathlon Championship.And won the title of excellent referee for many times.Beijing has become the “double Olympic City” hosting summer and winter Olympic Games in the world, which has a very unique significance in the history of the international Olympic Movement.”I am honored to be part of the NTO team for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Su Bin. “I am particularly grateful for the support and trust of boCOG, Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau and leaders at all levels of the university.In the adjudication, NTO will fulfill its duties, be fair and just, and show the style of NTO.Source: Erdos culture and Sports traffic broadcast editor: Miao Qingwang Rector: Zhang Shihua