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Many students who learn Korean come into contact with Korean when they are following stars or TV dramas. They think Korean is a good language and decide to learn Korean by themselves. However, before learning Korean, they do not fully understand Korean, which leads to the later, and find many disadvantages of self-learning.For example, inaccurate pronunciation, grammar errors and so on, obviously is a relatively simple language, but after entering the misunderstanding, want to correct back, but called a difficult thing.Xi ‘an Korean training therefore, small easy specially produced this period of content, take you to chat, in the process of learning Korean, there will be what easy to let people fall off the pit of misunderstanding ~ misunderstanding a:Korean is simple, self-study is enough for many partners in contact with Korean, because of the mysterious power of Chinese characters, feel that Korean is a relatively easy language to learn, so they found some free online courses and materials to start their own learning.In the beginning, just contact with Korean, to 40 sound learning has no concept, just habit and learn English, as an aid to memory the pronunciation, Chinese characters below feel similar pronunciation is correct, but it is a large hole, if you do, be a mistake, must correct back in time.In addition, although the pronunciation of Korean is very similar to Chinese, there are also great differences. The use of oral cavity also needs professional teaching and training. Every word, mouth shape is different, and the standard of pronunciation is not the same.Therefore, when learning Korean pronunciation, we must not feel simple or use phonetic symbols to learn, we must be down-to-earth, look in the mirror to adjust our mouth shape, and practice more.Erroneous zone 2:Centered on memorizing words when it comes to foreign language learning, believe that many students first reaction is to recite words, a large number of memorizing words, this idea is right, and learning a language, is need a lot of words to her, so as to study, but at the time of learning Korean, we want to back words, but not all center on memorizing words, can’t memorizing.As we have just said, Korean is a phonetic alphabet, and as long as you have learned the 40 notes, almost all the words in Korean can be spelled out by spelling, but you don’t know what these words mean.Therefore, in the process of Learning Korean, we must not memorize by rote, which will only make us do some useless work.Xi ‘an Korean training the right way, should be combined with the usual other learning content, the Korean wear set up learning, memory words, such as when reading articles to recite the words, or recite the words in a variety of listening materials.The advantage is not boring to recite words, that memory is passive, some people insist on more than two weeks is got, and recite the words on the secondary learning goals, assist to recite the word memory, we can find a lot of fun when recite words, promote the learning motivation, which itself to take the initiative to accept these words.This is the right words to recite when learning Korean method ~ myth 3: grammar useless theory in Chinese, in many cases, communication is a word or a word, in many cases is grammar not to use it, therefore, was born a noun is called “grammar useless”, this kind of grammar useless theory also postpone a lot of language learning, the work includes learning Korean.But if you believe that Korean grammar is useless, you are falling into a trap!In South Korea, as long as a principal is not crazy, there will be special grammar courses and writing courses in primary schools to help students learn grammar.Even in Korea, where grammar is so important, do you still believe that grammar is useless?In addition, there is another factor that tells us that we must learn grammar well, and that is the special characteristics of Chinese.Korean belong to isolating language, namely the individual words can form a word language, but in the use of Korean, will follow a different situation, changes in the grammar, parts of speech will also change, if there is no change, meaning expressed by the completely different, and this kind of deformation, almost half of Korean, do you still dare to speak grammar useless?Therefore, when you are learning grammar, you must not believe in the useless theory of grammar, and even redouble your efforts to learn, try to master grammar.Misunderstanding four: Respectful language and peaceful language The Korean tradition of elders and juniors is deeply rooted in the bone marrow, has long been deeply rooted, therefore, in the Korean language has always existed the concept of respectful language and peaceful language, and respectful language and peaceful language, is also let many students are so big things, is a very large block of knowledge.Although in China, respect the old and love the young, but not as strict as respect and peace language requirements, so in the process of learning Korean, many students do not pay enough attention to respect and peace language, as a result, when they need to use later, they do not know how to start.You should know that when communicating with others in Korea, if you use plain language, it will make people feel that you do not respect others enough, which will make others uncomfortable. Honorific language is not only a language problem, but also includes terminal endings, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., which are the knowledge scope of honorific language.It can be said that if you are in South Korea, 80 percent of your daily communication requires the use of honorifics.So if you’re just starting to learn honorifics now, pay attention before it’s too late.Finally, for most people, learning Korean may be the initial chase play or make track for a star of the impulse into interest, just want to simple learning, did not want to learn a lot of, but since learning, that even mastered the skills, each of us also want to at the time of learning can all learn to master, as a result,It is very important to avoid the pit correctly.Well, this is the end of this content, if it helps you, don’t forget to click the following before you go hey ~