Zhang Chutong, Junior general of Jilin Province: The process is more important than the result

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On the evening of February 11th, women’s 1000 meters short track speed skating was staged on time.The Chinese team sent three players, Han Yutong, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Chutong.Among them, zhang Chutong from Our province, born in 2003, is the youngest member of the women’s team.Han Yutong, also from Our province, and her teammate Qu Chunyu both participated in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.In the end, all three regret to miss the semi-finals.In the women’s middle and long distance events, The Chinese team did not dominate.Qu Chunyu ranked 15th in the World Cup, while Han ranked ninth in the 1,500m at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.After the match, Zhang Chutong admitted to the reporter that he played his normal level, but there was a certain gap with the top players, “Nothing, go back and keep working hard.”In the quarter-finals, China’s Qu Chunyu, Han Yutong and The Dutch player Schuerting are in the first group.The whole game, the Chinese team two players basically did not have too many opportunities, both were eliminated.Schuerting easily topped her group and also broke the world record with a time of 1:26.514.In the same group as Zhang Chutong, there is the women’s 500 meters champion Italian general Fontana, who also easily qualified as the group first.When it comes to the battle with fang Tana and other famous players, Zhang Chutong said there was no pressure.”Compared to them, it was my first Olympics and there was no pressure.”Zhang said the process is more important than the result.Talking about the gap with the opponent, Zhang Chutong thinks, in the speed, patience and other aspects are still lack of a lot, “like me this young team, lack of experience is particularly much.”Zhang Chutong is cheerful and optimistic. It is really rare for him to have such an attitude at a young age.Now that you are in the Olympic Games, you have to try your best and do what you have to do.Efforts, accumulation, success will come naturally!Jilin Daily omnimedia reporter: Zhang Zheng/article/Zhao Bo/Photo