Chaoyang District Dongshan Avenue and west chengbei road intersection and the intersection of police, auxiliary police won the “top ten” evaluation of the third, come to see

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In 2021, the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment, according to the requirements of the national civilized city evaluation standards through video patrol, field survey, about 34 key intersection in the city and in the intersection, auxiliary police, police from in place situation and financial discipline, stance, GuanLiLv, ZunZhangLv, intersections in order to examine the six aspects, such as,In 2021, the city’s traffic management “top ten intersection”, “Top ten intersection traffic police” and “Top ten intersection traffic auxiliary police” were selected.Dongshan Avenue and west chengbei road junction was rated as traffic management top ten intersection third, Chaoyang traffic police brigade a squadron police Zhang Jianzhou, auxiliary police CAI Shiqiang were rated as top ten intersection traffic police, auxiliary police.Reprint please specify source: Shantou traffic police