Kaifeng Bureau of Justice special publicity activities of law popularization and color

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In order to improve the public understanding of the dangers of illegal fund raising, strengthen the rule of law consciousness of the telecom network to prevent fraud, for days, kaifeng justice bureau organize lawyers or village (house) legal adviser, legal workers and volunteers the franco-prussian multivariate power, focusing on youth, elderly, students and migrant workers, retired worker, such as focus groups, adopt the mode of the combination of online,Various forms of special legal publicity activities have been carried out to create a strong legal atmosphere.Kaifeng lawyers association make full use of the 2573 city, county, township and village level 4 “family of the legal adviser” WeChat group, regularly carry out special the franco-prussian propaganda against illegal fund-raising and telecom network fraud, positive to the popularization of illegal fund-raising harm and the severity of the masses, introduced the illegal fund-raising and the characteristics of the telecom network fraud, manifestation, common method, and the legal responsibility.At the same time, organize lawyers, village (house) legal counsel, etc., into the community, country, the place such as square, park, by setting up desk, banners, display panel, to prevent illegal fund-raising and the relevant laws and regulations, the legal system of telecom network fraud of publicity, timely solve the masses of the folk lending, labor contract dispute and other legal issues.Through the development of activities, the masses should be actively guided to reject the temptation of excessive profits, be alert to high returns, establish a healthy investment concept, and consciously stay away from illegal fund-raising.During the activity, we answered more than 50 people’s legal advice and provided more than 80 pieces of professional legal advice.On February 15, kaifeng city legal aid center seized the Lantern Festival personnel concentration, harmonious atmosphere of the favorable opportunity, organized staff into the Long live mountain forest park, actively carry out prevention of illegal fund-raising and telecommunications network fraud publicity activities.Staff hung banners at prominent places in the park and distributed leaflets and brochures to visitors, explaining knowledge of laws and regulations such as the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China and regulations on the Prevention and Disposal of Illegal fund-raising.Meanwhile, it patiently introduces the specific provisions of the legal aid law, as well as the scope of legal aid and application procedures to tourists, which further improves the awareness rate and social influence of legal aid.In this activity, more than 130 copies of legal publicity materials were distributed, and more than 90 people answered legal advice on the spot.On February 15, the justice bureau of kaifeng Urban and rural integration Demonstration Zone, together with the justice institute of the west of The city, carried out publicity activities to prevent and combat illegal fund-raising in xinximen community.Activities, the staff of publicity of the dangers of illegal fund raising, and in accordance with the law to punish illegal financing laws and regulations, to the masses of the new situation and new characteristics of illegal fund raising, strongly improve the social public understanding of the dangers of illegal fund raising, built to guard against and crack down on illegal fund-raising good social atmosphere, was welcomed by the masses and high praise.In order to effectively curb illegal fund-raising and telecom network fraud cases from the source, in recent days, Yushi County justice Bureau, county legal office, joint Henan law division firm, Henan Zhizhuo law firm, the field to the people’s square to carry out centralized publicity activities.Lawyers and volunteers introduced to the public the relevant knowledge of preventing illegal fund-raising and telecom and network fraud in detail, combined with a large number of vivid and vivid cases, to interpret the law, to remind and guide them to stay away from the temptation of “high interest, high return”, do not trust the transfer of money, beware of being cheated.In the activity, a total of “refuse high-interest temptation away from illegal fund-raising” “prevention of telecom network fraud to improve self-prevention ability” and other legal publicity color pages and environmental protection handbag more than 2000 copies, answered more than 50 legal advice.Edited by Li Yong And reviewed by Zhang Dong