I took the girls to the Town God’s Temple

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The famous high school in the original state to a group of high school girls are slim and beautiful to listen to lecture military lei feng’s story I led them to the county when the company happened to be in the auditorium in just finished watching the “lei feng” movie movie we walked out into the sunshine have comrades found actors like this even extremely instructor pan lei feng and I call I go to you like lei feng to you I go to?Say what?Nothing!I worse than lei feng far even now immediately strength is estimated and some too late to call comrades water washing a face every day in the morning? These good things would have been on duty member account for to have here also not QiCheLian unable to read the words of chairman in the driving studio practice kill ability accurate shooting is also in constant improvement on techniques can also be but didn’t think out such a truth he reluctantly from at that timeSee a report on JunBao deeds can also be as well the girls here are like camellia and mei-yu I took the girls to remember that afternoon in chenghuang temple overcast drizzle with pan refers to say can’t bring them to here you should take them go he can find a corner about the girls waiting for marble pool at the bottom of the statue of chairman MAO I said hello to them they walked down the steps to takeThey walked to the street walk not far for shelter to the city god’s temple I let them all stand into a circle to stand in the city God temple below the expectations of their beautiful vision I stood read that section of exemplary deeds and so on!Living Uncle Lei Feng is the story in the newspaper you where where, let us all together to the newspaper published from the distance model learning pictures except the last one are from the headlines free gallery