Hiroshima three arrows in the past, the strength of niuqi sandstone improved significantly, Sapporo Gonzado obvious advantage

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Hiroshima three arrows vs bird habitat sandstone Hiroshima three status: Hiroshima three arrows 38 games last season 12-13-13 success with total score of 49 11 points behind the league table, 42 goals were scored 44 goals to lose, the relative balance on both ends, the team last season 19 home 5-6-8 grades, home relatively general ability.The team has won eight, drawn two and lost two of its last 12 home games against Orniki Sandstone, giving it a psychological edge.The team did not strengthen the strength of the team this season, just recalled the midfield players Kawamura Tuo dream, Noda Back to the team, the team has a great advantage in the face of the niuchi sand rock, the Hiroshima three arrows or a great advantage.Recent status of ornithological sandstone:Birds perch sandstone 38 games last season – 11-11 of 16 success team to 7 total 59 points behind the league table, the team were scored 43 ball lost 35 goals, the team’s offensive capability is relatively good, but the defensive performance also is not very good, the team last season 19 at 5-6-8 grades scored 13 goals lost 20 goals,The team’s ability on the road is mediocre.This season the team in the Tokushima vortex to introduce Diego, the midfield of Naoyuki Fujita, but also from Osaka steel ba to introduce Yuji Ono, from tokushima to introduce Yuhui Akita and Miyagi, the team’s strength enhanced obviously.Field: In terms of the overall performance of both sides, niuqi Sandstone is much stronger than Hiroshima Sanjian, but Hiroshima Sanjian has a good advantage in historical matches, so I give good support to Hiroshima Sanjian, personally I think Hiroshima Sanjian has a better chance to get all three points.Water incited vs Sapporo GangSaDuo: is it going with clear water for water for 38 games last season 10-12-16 of the achievements, the team with 42 points total score ranked 14th in the league table, difficult avoid relegation, the team has scored 37 goals last season, lost 54 goals, the team’s offensive ability’s said in the past, but the defensive ability is poor.Compared to last year’s transfer window signings, this year’s shimizu instigate a slightly low-key signings.New of the 16 players joined last year, however, there are 13 people stay, adding in the valley of god too, shirosaki ling bing, kishi Wu Liu three power players, clear water for the overall strength of basic maintenance, also from the Bohr’s nice right Tian Xiu introduced a mans, he is now the national team’s absolute main force goalkeeper, you don’t need to worry about this position in the next few years.However, the team has only one win, one draw and four losses against Sapporo Gonzado in the past six games, so it is expected to achieve a good result in the rematch.Sapporo GangSaDuo status: Sapporo GangSaDuo 38 games last season 14-9-15 of achievements, the team with a total of 51 points in the league, 10 is mid-table teams, the team has scored 48 goals last season and at the same time also lost 50 goals, the team’s attack ability is quite good, but the performance is poor in defense.The club scored 21 goals and conceded 23 in 19 away games last season, winning 6, drawing 8 and losing 8, and have brought in gabriel, a former Nagoya midfielder with solid passing and dribbling skills.In addition to Gabriel, Sapporo Gonzado’s key recruits have been former Japan internationals Shinzo and Mitin Nishiko, but the loss of “Thailand’s Messi” Sonkrasin to Kawasaki is a major loss.Field: both sides of the overall strength of Sapporo Gonzado strong shimizu inspired a lot, both sides in the history of Sapporo Gonzado also occupy a certain advantage, the initial to both sides and no obvious support, but in view of the overall performance of Sapporo Gonzado, I think Sapporo Gonzado at least a point more chance.# JZF # If you want to know more exciting content, follow the communication and analysis of football matches