Beijing has reported a total of 75 local COVID-19 cases since January 15

2022-05-01 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, January 26 (reporter Ni Yuanjin)Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on Monday that from 16:00 on January 25 to 16:00 on January 26, there were 6 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2 asymptomatic cases in Beijing, all of which came from control personnel.Pang said that since January 15, a total of 75 local COVID-19 cases have been reported in Beijing, including 6 cumulative cases associated with the omicron variant strain, all of which are confirmed cases and mild, and no new infections have been reported for three consecutive days.A total of 69 cases have been reported, including 54 confirmed cases and 15 asymptomatic cases.According to Jin Ronghua, president of Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, as of 15 o ‘clock on January 26, 2022, Beijing Ditan Hospital had admitted 100 CASES of COVID-19 in its hospital, and admitted patients with different strains of COVID-19.Data showed 73 local cases, including 36 mild cases, 22 ordinary cases and 15 asymptomatic cases.A total of 27 imported cases were reported, including 15 mild cases, 5 ordinary cases and 7 asymptomatic cases.The condition of hospitalized patients is stable, and there are no severe or critical cases.Jin said that the average age of the local cases is 40 years old, the maximum is 79 years old and the minimum is 5 months old. The main clinical manifestations of the cases are fatigue, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, dry throat, cough, sputum, headache and muscle pain.