Beauty and the Geek

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A man must have money. Looks and talent are important, but not as straightforward as money.A woman has to be born beautiful, and then very high to be loved.In fact, it is an exchange of material properties.If a man could do everything, there would be no need for a wife!If a woman can earn a lot of money, a man’s domestic status is basically the same as that of a male nanny.The so-called beauty of a talented woman should be rich and beautiful.Is that really the case in life?Natural talent always has some defect.Beautiful women don’t necessarily live happier lives as legend has it.And the wife of a dignitary’s brain is quite good, looks are not necessarily lovely!A person who is highly literate may make a mark in literary accomplishments but may be poor in financial matters.They were brave as Lu Bu, looked like Pan ‘an, and wrote their denunciation like King Luobin, but according to the things recorded in ancient books, these people were not very rich masters.Later, one of the words handed down to the present day is: since ancient times, the male has suffered more, and the male has never been less grand.It’s a little chicken soup for the soul.Most of the excellent women, basically married into a rich and wealthy family!Even if this woman is not as beautiful as the four ancient beauties, but at home there are plenty of food and clothing, how can we say that life is not good?There really aren’t many beauties who pity men who are cold and hungry.The ancient wind blows to the Spring Festival in 2020, and it is not likely that there will be a few men who marry beautiful women without money.A man’s only work in life is to make money and keep a good house.Reach is good world, not reach also alone.As the head of the family, a man without the ability to manage his own family, that is, a man without money, how can he be called a doctor?This is not property money.When did your skills become cash?Plant a good plane tree, the phoenix will come.Do you want money to buy the meat for the New Year?Do we have to spend money on new clothes for Chinese New Year?Do you need to spend money on flour to make dumplings?If you marry a wife, you don’t need a man to earn money for your family.Guess this man should be the happiest man in the world!Do not know how much money such a man needs women to support?In terms of looks alone, most average-looking women have rich or expensive men in their families.There’s not enough money for talent.Well, it’s a good life.In the financial and economic channels to manage good men, most of the men around in this era can not ring cui around, also can afford to drink Maotai, drink wuliangye.I can afford tenderloin.The women of the family will have nice clothes to wear.How the rich people will care about your trifles, who went bankrupt and you do not have a cent of the relationship, but as long as you are a man without money, every Day the New Year’s day is far from your life to how far.Taking literary talent to exchange for cash, and taking beauty like flowers to fight for victory or defeat in life, although the future can be expected, but it is hard to say when to achieve the desired goal.The gap between legend and reality does not allow more time to pick upstarts.Out of the stock of love story, but if love is caught up in what to do?There are no returns in this life.Focus on your ability to monetize your talents and skills, and the good times will follow.With a rich material foundation, feelings will be stronger and stronger.No matter how hot social events are, if they don’t bring you wealth in your life, pay attention to your cash flow ability!If a man cannot earn money, should he take his wife home and let her starve and suffer from cold?In fact, the truth of life is very simple, no appearance can also have telepathy.No feelings can be cultivated slowly.You know, when you see a baby, there’s something going on?Wasn’t the most sentimental thing at that time a pacifier?Conversely, some people monetize their talents faster than others.But who will be at the time of half a century, waiting for you?Until you’re successful?Look around, the children of the same age are about to enter primary school, your love is still in the stock market, your children or with potential shares to express.How to live up to a man’s prime age?Few people can cross the barrier of life at the age of sixty.Don’t be silly. A man must be rich. He should strive to earn a lot of money.In order to love wife love son love family this little thing done.After all, keeping one’s morality and family in order is something that an ordinary person must do.When the ability is rich, make some contribution to the country!To money no money, to appearance no appearance, flatly light life is also very happy.Where is the money?In the race of life will run to win.Meet the brave, come out of the tiger to win the wealth of the year of the tiger!Seeking money is the right way in the world.