New Year walk grassroots | police camp “family photo”

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A special “family photo” behind the police, year after year, “I work at the Spring Festival” no regrets, is the police adhere to the happiness of the masses and responsibility.They missed family reunions, but they never missed their posts.The bright lights and festive family reunion are the most beautiful flavor of the New Year for them.”Help me see if my clothes are wrinkly!””Is my hair a mess?”Before the Spring Festival, the police and auxiliary police of the Hongshan police station of the Wuhua Branch of public Security cleaned up the police station.Taking advantage of lunch time, Director Guo Qiang called everyone to the police station door to take a “family photo”.”Police stations rarely get a chance to take a ‘family photo’ with everyone present.”Wang Fufei, deputy director of Hongshan police station, said the station was busier during the Spring Festival, with many policemen working outside even during lunch.In order to remind the masses during the Spring Festival do not forget to prevent telecom network fraud, police to KTV, bars, night markets and other entertainment venues to carry out prevention of telecom network fraud knowledge publicity, fire safety inspection and tips, patrol police 24 hours non-stop patrol in the area, accept the alarm of the masses.During the Spring Festival, more than half of police stations were still on duty.”It is normal not to go home during the Spring Festival, and our families fully understand our work.”On New Year’s Eve, police pasted couplets at police stations and the canteen prepared more dishes and fruits, Wang recalled.When it’s time for dinner, everyone sits together, eats a New Year’s Dinner and wishes each other well.”We put the usual customs at home to celebrate the festival, at the police station.It’s home, too.””Wang fufei said.”We are all fine at home.” In the Xiaodong police station of Guandu Public Security Sub-bureau, Xu Wenwu, 28, a criminal police officer, is still working nervously.Xiaodong police station has all kinds of markets under its jurisdiction. During the Spring Festival, the market was closed and the police station felt less pressure, but they still did not relax their vigilance.This year it was Xu Wenwu’s turn to be on duty at the police station. He made a video call to his father early: “Dad, I will be on duty for the New Year and will not come back for the New Year.””That you go to work well, New Year’s day person is much, I go out with your mother two people also see lively.”Father xu but comfort xu Wenwu, let him go to work, don’t worry about home.Xu wenwu’s parents are in their 50s and his sister has a family.As a police detective, he seldom has the opportunity to return to his hometown on weekdays, let alone on holidays.In fact, in the police station, people also eat the New Year’s Eve dinner. Xu wenwu likes to share photos of the dinner with his family and even compete with the dinner at home.Xu Wenwu said: “Every Spring Festival duty post has a more special significance, the area of peace, lights, is the best Spring Festival.”During the Spring Festival, Li Xiang, a police officer born after 1995 in the special Police Detachment, has been busy in various security work, and occasionally goes home to change his clothes.At the same time, in the hall of the 110 command center of the Wuhua Public Security Bureau, Li Xiang’s father, li Zhengchao, who is also a policeman, is closely staring at the big screen of the command center, paying attention to the dynamics of the area, and protecting safety.This Spring Festival, father and son still have few chances to have a reunion dinner together, they have been accustomed to such a life.Li xiang has been a policeman for three years and worked with his father for three years. They applied for border support together, and they took each other as a proud example.When the family reunion, li Xiang three can not be reunited, but the heart is linked together.Police father and son on duty, is also a beautiful scenery.A “family photo” photo is a commemoration of a family reunion, but also a collective unity to build a dream witness.No matter with family members or comrades in arms, “family photo” embodies good wishes.Source: Kunming Daily editor: Zhou Lu Review: Xiao Mi Juan final review: Huang Kai