Jiangxi Anyuan: mine restoration painting new scene gongs and drums noisy yuanxiao

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“Dong Dong qiang, dong Dong qiang, happy Lantern Festival…”On February 14, pingxiang City, Anyuan district qingshan Medicine health care town gongs and drums noisy, lively, local residents spontaneously organized gongs and drums, dance team, dragon dance team make the Lantern Festival, “make” a special spirit.Write down all the way up, merlin “Chinese dragon dance” the happy life Dig deep cultural connotation of traditional festivals, promote the local custom civilization construction, the Lantern Festival approaching, QingShan Town organization volunteers by practice of the new era of civilization and art display team walked into town in traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, to carry out the “mine repair paint restored Gongs make yuanxiao “mass cultural activities,Lantern riddles and tangyuan are carefully prepared for visitors.”Dragon dances, lanterns and other Lantern Festival folk activities are very interesting, just for my winter vacation practice activities to provide material.”Wen Jing, a junior from Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, kept shooting with her camera.Qingshan Traditional Chinese medicine health care town used to be the location of Pingxiang Jiaobao coal mine, long-term mining led to serious damage to the local ecological environment.Now, into the Castle Peak of Traditional Chinese medicine health care town, flowers, herbs fragrance refreshing.Volunteers of Qingshan Town New Era Civilization Practice Institute prepare steaming tangyuan for tourists. “From grey mountains and black water in the past, to flower-scented mountains and mines transformed into parks, people feel full of happiness.Every weekend, many city people will come to visit here!”Xie Yanhong, a villager in Qingshan Village, said after performing the dragon dance.It is reported that qingshan town of traditional Chinese medicine health care town has completed a total of 600 mu of mine green area, including bletilla striata, hosta and other medicinal herbs more than 200 mu, as well as ginkgo, plum blossom and other ornamental plants more than 100 mu, to achieve the transformation from abandoned mines to the four seasons bloom.In 2021, the town will receive more than 50,000 tourists.Tourists guess lantern riddles on the footpath of the town, the restoration of the mine and the painting of the new scenery, gongs and drums roaring for the Lantern Festival.In the flower-scented early spring, qingshan Traditional Chinese Medicine health care town, a series of wonderful programs, bowls of steaming glutinous rice balls, painted the people a happy new life.”Plum blossom fragrance, sweet tangyuan, lantern riddles fun, very happy.”Mr. Huang, the tourist, said.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com