Ecological skin after all calculate dermis

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Ecodermis is not dermis.1, ecological skin is mostly leather, so there is a big difference between real leather and leather.First of all, in terms of smell, ecological leather can smell thick rubber, and real leather will have a light leather taste, secondly, the air permeability of leather is very good, more suitable for making leather clothes, leather pants and shoes and so on.2, distinguish the method of leather: touch the leather surface by hand, such as smooth, soft, plump, elastic feeling is leather;And general artificial synthetic leather surface hair astringent, rigid, soft poor;There are clear pores and patterns in real leather, symmetrical fine pores in cow skin, coarse and sparse pores in yak skin, and fish scaly pores in goat skin.All real leather smells of leather;And artificial leather all have excitant stronger plastic smell.3, choose real leather products: look at the fabric, footwear choose cowhide and sheepskin, clothes choose goatskin is the best;Look at the quality, the surface is smooth, soft, thick, elastic, to uniform color, check whether there are scratches, creases;See charge for the making of STH., whether stitch level off, have without take off line to wait.